This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch but is also available on iOS and Nintendo 3DS.

Platform games, such as Miles & Kilo that I reviewed previously, have been a video game staple for decades and remain pretty popular even today. Kid Tripp was originally released on iOS and shortly afterwards on 3DS. The game was then made available on Nintendo Switch and that is the version that we were lucky enough to get our hands on!

Kid Tripp is an old-school 2D platform game developed by Four Horses in which a boy, named Kid Tripp, crashes on a mysterious island. Your goal is to escape from the island by running and jumping through 20 levels across four awesome worlds. You’ll be avoiding obstacles and beating enemies in order to reach the end. Along your way there won’t be any checkpoint, but each level can easily be completed in less than a minute.

Graphic-wise, the game looks and runs great and the art visuals look amazing. Playing on the console or on a big screen doesn’t change much since the pixel art looks great on both. Concerning gameplay, Tripp has the ability to throw stones at his enemies, which is handy but becomes less useful later on because enemies become platforms that will be needed to reach the end of the level. The levels are designed short, which means that you really only have one or two different paths when it comes to reaching the end. Learning from your mistakes will be crucial since killing the wrong enemies can cut your trip short very quickly.

Platform jumps and enemies in Kid Tripp

In Kid Tripp, every time you start, you’ll have ten lives, which isn’t that much of a problem. Running out of lives will result in a game over, but if it happens, you’ll just start at the beginning of the level you were on and will be offered the possibility to try again. For gamers who are chasing high-scores, that will be a big deal: you’ll lose all of the coins you’ve collected so far with a game over.

What’s important to know is that there will be no boss fight between levels or worlds, which means that there isn’t a lot to do, but it’s still a very satisfying game that can be completed in under an hour if you aren’t looking to improve older levels. Kid Tripp is a short but challenging game. The only frustration for me came from the lack of difference when it came to enemy types.

The end of a level in Kid Tripp

In conclusion, Kid Tripp is a fun and budget title which is very fun to play. There isn’t any kind of story, but it’s a satisfying 2D platformer that doesn’t need to last much more than a couple of hours. For any of you that enjoys some retro-gaming, this is a Tripp worth taking!



  • Budget title
  • Very enjoyable graphic-wise


  • Bosses could be a plus in the game

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