Kingdom Hearts III is Going To Infinity, And Beyond!

Many Kingdom Hearts fans were caught off guard by what Disney’s D23 unveiled this week. Not only did they show a 5-minute trailer of the eagerly awaited sequel Kingdom Hearts III, but there were also some surprises about the world showcased in the trailer.

If you’re looking to find out, then you’ve got a friend in me! Yes, Toy Story is the latest world showcased in the most recent trailer. As Sora, Goofy, and Donald emerge from underneath the furniture, they find out they’ve been turned into toys! Meeting up with Buzz and Woody, they then need to help save the toys’ friends in order to put an end to the Heartless infecting the world.

With stunning new visuals, it looks like the wait for one of the most anticipated games in recent memories will be worth it, as Square Enix have really kicked it up a notch with regards to just how crisp the characters look in comparison.

With new keyblades and special transformations brought in with Toy Story, it does look like a welcome addition to the already vibrant and varied world of the Kingdom Hearts series. Even on board helping out is Jason Kratz, the story supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, who is being quoted as saying that they wish to “mirror the level of quality that we strive to achieve with every Pixar film”. This really bodes well for the beloved bunch as the trailer claims that the game is coming in 2018.

Although, Nomura has said that this will be a story unique to Kingdom Hearts, and that fans should still be on the lookout for more news coming soon. Who wonders what the well-loved director has in store for the latest game? We can only wait.

To celebrate the release of the new trailer, KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] (available on Android and iOS) will be offering a very powerful Sora[EX] Medal by simply logging in any time between now and August 18th, and yes, it is indeed the first time a medal from Kingdom Hearts III is included in the game, so best be sure to snap it up now!

Watch the trailer below, coming 2018 available on PS4 and Xbox One:

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