Before we start this review off, I just want to share with you the byline for the mouse on Logitech’s website: The new possibility machine. Hell, if I didn’t get the mouse sent to me, I would have bought that straight away (Legit not an exaggeration, I have spending problems). The MX Master 2S is a true powerhouse of features for anyone looking for a stylish, ergonomic mouse with features straight from the future.


  • Weight: 145g (That’s fairly hefty, the G Pro Wireless Mouse we reviewed earlier in the year, came in at 80g)
  • Sensor: Darkfield high precision
  • DPI: 200 – 4000 (Straight away you can see this is not a mouse built for gaming)
  • Battery: Up to 70 days on a full charge.


  • Logitech Flow – Enabling control of two computers with one mouse, and the ability to copy-paste between the two machines.
  • Multi-Computer: Use up to three devices on the fly.

There are a few other bits and pieces we could go into, but Ill touch on them when I rave about the mouse instead. So let’s crack into the overall aesthetic and use of the mouse, and then we’ll break down the features.



The mouse itself is a really beauty. It’s sleek and stylish, and would suit almost any setup thanks to the subtle graphite colour scheme. As toted in the advertising, the mouse is hecking comfortable and it’s clear that a lot of time, effort, and thought went into the design. Whether plugged in and charging, or in wireless, the MX Master 2S is a joy to use.


As a #GAMER, I didn’t really want to unplug my Pro Wireless as I knew the MX Master 2S was not designed with the gamer in mind. So I ran both mouses, I initially thought that I wouldn’t use the MX, because I had so thoroughly enjoyed the Pro Wireless. But I was wrong! The enhanced comfort and combined with the Logitech Flow features, the mouse was an absolute powerhouse and solved so many issues that I faced through the use of multiple devices.

My biggest complaint, is the scroll wheel. It’s just, so gimmicky. The scrolling is ridiculous, and at times when in the normal mode, it will switch to the auto scroll. It’s a pain. The Logitech Flow while impressive did have some minor delays in some situations, where there was a minor delay in connecting between the two devices. It wasn’t every time, but it was a nuisance when it did happen.

To buy, or not to buy:

As always with a review, this is what you’re here for. If you’re looking for an office mouse or a single solution to multiple devices, then the MX Master 2S is for you. It’s stylish and does everything you could ever hope for. The gimmicky scroll wheel is annoying, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. I wouldn’t recommend it for gaming, but just light gameplay every now and again wouldn’t be too bad. It’s priced at $169.90 and in my opinion, is worth the cost.



  • Battery life
  • Comfort
  • Stylish
  • Logitech Flow


  • Scroll wheel
  • Not great for gaming
  • Some delays in Logitech Flow

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