Lost Reavers Beta Impressions

Somewhere in the dark void of my life that has been consumed by Dark Souls 3, I have found enough time to have a crack at the Lost Reavers Beta. Lost Reavers is a free-to-play game developed and published by Bandai Namco, exclusively for the WiiU. The game describes itself as a 4-player coop game where players explore various dungeons, acquire the Relic at the end of the level, and take it back to the beginning. With 4 playable classes, each with differing weapons, players must work together in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.


Bear in mind that this game is in beta for the English release, but has been released in Japan for some time now.

For a free-to-play game, it looks and sounds really nice. A lot of the visuals are incredibly satisfying, like breaking pots, picking up items, even watching your teammates fight looks cool. It has this really nice aesthetic to the game that makes you feel like you’re really crawling through an abandoned dungeon. However, this is where the problems arise. In the beta, as far as I have played, there seem to only be two levels. This wouldn’t be a problem if the levels were long and in-depth, however most levels go for an average of 3 minutes, which means I ended up grinding in the same areas for quite a long time. There really just isnt that much to do, and when one of the players has to take the relic it renders them practically useless, so it just seems to elongate the otherwise shallow levels. Obviously this could be a beta issue, but it was still really off putting.


The combat is also kind of mixed bag. The melee combat is alright, depending on which character you play, but the gameplay feels awkward. Trying to aim with the WiiU gamepad proved to be very clunky, despite the fact that there is an aim assist option. It was much easier to play a melee character than struggle through the shooter controls. The game also features typical free-to-play elements like leveling, character customisation, and loot. I assume this will be different in the full game, but the variety of different gear and the actual character customisation felt really shallow and unnecessary.

As of right now, there is no variety of levels, the combat feels shallow and clunky, with character customisation only really affecting the characters stats and maybe giving them one extra move, Lost Reavers doesn’t really appeal to me at all.

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