Lost Sphear’s New Trailer Shows off its World

Tokyo RPG Factory  have released a trailer for their latest game, Lost Sphear. (Did someone misplace a spherical spear??) The aptly named studio behind Switch launch title I Am Setsuna have another old-school JRPG for us. Lost Sphear follows Kanata (NOT a dyslexic sword as you may think, judging by his name) and his friends, as they seek to restore the (literally) disappearing world around them. Using turn-based combat and “Vulcosuits”, maybe they’ll have a chance.

Check the trailer below – keep an eye out for the skeletal Rayquaza look-alike.

Lost Sphear is available digitally on the PS4, Switch, and on Steam on 23rd January 2018.

PS4 pre-orders receive a dynamic theme, as well as two music tracks.
Pre-orders on Steam receive a wallpaper, as well as the two music tracks.

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