The Making of Monster Hunter: World – Part One: Concept

Monster Hunter: World releases tomorrow on PS4 and Xbox One, and boy am I excited. To celebrate the release, Capcom are filming a behind-the-scenes series titled “The Making of Monster Hunter: World”.

Featuring Ryozo Tsujimoto, the creator of the franchise and Producer for World, as well as Director Yuya Tokuda and Executive and Art Director Kaname Fujioka, Part One focuses on the concept of Monster Hunter: World. The time-tested combat is already there, so the development team wanted to experiment with what you could out of combat. This new direction resulted in mechanics such as the scoutflies, which help you actually hunt down the monster. Going another step further, interactions between monsters, and even the effects of the environment, were added to make World the most realistic Monster Hunter yet.

More episodes are coming soon, featuring exclusive motion-capture footage and interviews with further development team members. In the meantime, check out Part One: Concept below!

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