Meeple Station Preview – Renovations in Space

This title is exclusive to PC and was previewed as such.

Meeple Station is a simulation building game set among the stars, developed by Vox Games. This is a review of only the Beta version, with the game being fully released in early 2019.

Meeple Station is a cute wee indie game that has been well developed for the “casual gamer”, it’s easy to jump into, and fairly informative in the beginning so players can learn the basics. For extra information there is a help button to answer more specifics questions about the games mechanics. I definitely found the feature useful while I was playing.

I would describe the art style in Meeple Station as being pixel-simple and cute. Though after a while being closely zoomed on my station it did start to hurt looking at the pixels. I’m not sure if this is a resolution problem or just because my eyes aren’t really used to looking at heavily pixelated things lately (maybe I need new glasses), I’ve gotten too comfortable in my 1080p ways. Like most indie simulation games these days, the soundtrack is chill and relaxing.

This game has the player choose a difficulty level before building their space station. I always like this feature as you can start out easy and progressively make it harder for yourself at your own speed. Building your first space station is a bit of daunting task, the developers of the game understands this and has a check list for you to follow as well as blueprints to auto build a default space station for you. Makes life a little easier seeing what a space station is supposed to look like in the game. After that you choose where you want your space station to be in space, weighing the pros and cons of trade routes, resources available and pirate probability.

Meeple Station Location
Choice of station location

From this point on Meeple Station focuses you on “Meeple” management, station expansion and design, mining and refining resources, and the general survival of your “Meeple”. You need to mine for resources to either sell for credits to buy other resources, or to refine into other resources. These different resources are used to build different parts of the station. I enjoyed this aspect of the game that you can’t just buy furniture and station structures with money; you need to use materials and resources to make them yourself.

Meeple Station Tycoon
The beginning of my first station, mostly built from a random blueprint

One of the few issues I had while playing this was that you couldn’t rotate around the space station to see it from different angles. This might be because it would be too complicated to code considering all the movement that happens inside and outside of the space station. I also encountered some random aliens at one point and I still have no clue what to do about them. I’m not sure if I missed a notification or not but the help screen didn’t enlighten me on what I could do to get rid of them. Though the blobs didn’t seem to be doing any damage, from what I could tell.

Meeple Station Building
My encounter with some alien blobs

All in all, this is a fun indie game that is easy to just pick up and play whenever but also requires some level of strategy to ensure your “Meeple” survive.   Although this is the beta of Meeple Station I feel like it is pretty well fleshed out and is ready to play. I would definitely recommend checking it out when it comes out in 2019.

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