This title is exclusive to PC and was reviewed as such.

Megaquarium is a theme park management game, with a scaly twist, developed by Twice Circled.

This is the perfect title for the “casual gamer”, it is very easy game to jump into. The tutorial level is very informative while still managing to be a fun introduction. There is also extra information provided for those who need it throughout the levels and want to get real meta. The game manages to do this in a way that’s more interesting than boring and doesn’t feel repetitive.

I would describe the art style in Megaquarium as simple but cute. It’s somewhat “boxy” in design but with a softness so it’s not harsh on the eyes. The soundtrack is quite soothing and upbeat, I found myself on many occasion bobbing my head to the music. This also aided in giving it its relaxing feel. It puts you in a very tranquil place (when you’re not panicking about fish health that is)

Megaquarium Level 2
This was my completed level 2 Aquarium

The premise is that with each level you are hired to design and run an aquarium for a new client, each with different tastes and requirements. It introduces intriguing elements as you play that ensures that each level of the game is a brand new experience. Some fish breeds require very specific conditions in order to survive. Some of these conditions range from water quality or temperature to whether the fish can be housed with a bully or whether the fish might eat other fish in the tank that are below a certain size. As you play you unlock new species with new requirements.

Megaquarium Species
This is one of the many aquatic species that can be unlocked within Megaquarium

This means you have to think about each fish placement carefully. Which on average I was mostly okay at…. I’m going to be honest… I did manage to kill one of my wee fishies near the start and didn’t actually notice what I’d done until halfway through the level when I realised that the game was sending me messages. I felt terrible. But it led to me being extremely vigilant with all the other levels.

Megaquarium views
This is a view mode that I discovered while finding images for this review. It activates when you zoom in close to a fish tank. I’m sure it probably told me this was a thing at some point and I wasn’t paying attention, but I thought it was pretty cool and decided to tell you guys

Megaquarium focuses your attention on employee management, building, tank design, customer happiness, and fish health. There wasn’t much focus put on the financial side of things aside from having enough to afford to meet tasks and tasked profit goals.

One of the few gripes I had while playing this was that its walls did not interact well with doors; you have to remove the section of wall where you want to place the door. As someone who is an avid Sims player this is something I routinely forgot when building my rooms.

All in all this is a relaxing game that is easy to just pick up and play whenever. I’m definitely going to keep playing this game until I have unlocked all 92 of the different species and then possibly keep on playing after the fact. For me it’s a good casual game to bring up on my laptop while watching TV in the lounge with my flatmates, or when I’m supposed to be studying…



  • Great for the “casual gamer”
  • Relaxing art style and soundtrack
  • Increasing difficulty in levels - keeping it interesting
  • Sense of achievement in unlocking fish and equipment


  • “Build mode” is a bit iffy - can’t place doors in walls
  • Can accidently spend hours playing this (not sure if you’d count this as a con or not)

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