Microsoft Unveils “World’s Most Powerful Console” and More at This Year’s E3

E3 is a time where gamers from all over the world join together to watch companies fumble their way through press conferences, while announcing video games that are probably not going to be very good. That aside, there’s still a lot of news that comes out of it that is actually pretty exciting. To kick things off, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X, dubbed “the world’s most powerful console.” While the Xbox One fell behind the PS4 in terms of power, the Xbox One X boasts 4K gaming, smoother textures, and better loading times, even on 1080p devices. The Xbox One X will cost you roughly $749.00 NZD, and as always pre-orders are available now.

Quite a number of games were announced, plus an ever expanding library of the original Xbox’s games becoming backwards compatible. Let’s take a look through some of the games that grabbed my attention, for better or for worse.


  • Anthem

    This is the new IP from EA that looks very similar to a number of games we’ve seen before. Anthem is a co-op shooter set in space where players travel throughout the wild fighting off monsters while in their exo-suits. The game honestly looks very generic and reminds me a lot of Evolve, Dead Space, Destiny, and Mass Effect. You can check out the trailer for it here.

  • Ashen

    What happens if you can’t get Dark Souls exclusively on the Xbox One? Just make your own! In Ashen, the sun has faded and the world has been consumed by darkness and the land is covered in Ash. The art style and monster design seem really interesting, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how in-depth the game goes. Check out the reveal trailer here.

  • Assassins Creed Origins

    Subtitle aside, the new Assassins Creed game looks pretty fun, even though it will probably be bad. I really think Ancient Egypt is a fantastic setting so I hope they do something really interesting there, but it’s Assassins Creed so don’t expect too much. Have a look at the gameplay here.

  • Metro Exodus

    The beloved Metro series is getting its newest iteration, titled Metro Exodus. This new game is an FPS like the previous titles, but it’s actually open-world taking place on the surface instead of the underground metro. I don’t know how that makes sense since the entire premise of the story is meant to be that the surface is poisonous, but whatever.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    Despite me not liking the previous installment, this game obviously has a gorgeous art-style and theme, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to what this game is going to be like. Check it out here.

  • The Last Night

    I don’t know what this game is or what it’s about, but goddamn that trailer had me excited. The Last Night seems to take inspiration from Synthwave and media like Drive and Hotline Miami. The game promotes a cast of complex characters to interact with as well as infiltration and platforming mechanics. Definitely check this trailer out with this link.

While there are some games here that seem promising or exciting, remember that these games are not completed and while it may say the trailers are made in-engine, that usually just means they’re just using the assets in carefully planned way. You can get excited, but just be careful. We don’t want a repeat of No Man’s Sky. The next conference is Bethesda so stay tuned for our updates.

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