This game was played and reviewed on PC.

As a sucker for hidden gems in video games, it pains me to see one stumble and fall flat. Developed by Creatio 49 and Angry Cat Studios, published by the latter, Mimic Hunter is a 2,5D mess of an Adventure Platformer.

The first thing you’ll notice when starting this game is the beautiful art style. It gave me an instant recall to the Darkest Dungeon game, with a tinge of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines in its letter’s font. The theme and soundtrack only reinforced that belief. The graphics were also vibrant and alive, despite the grim setting. The attention to detail like falling tree leaves and lightning strikes in the background are immersive, this is something the artists must be commended for. However, this is overshadowed by the frustrating gameplay.

The gameplay is impossibly horrid. For everything the game has going for it, a stupid mechanic rends it moot. The unresponsive and annoying controls are the main source for all the issues that plagues this passionately crafted game. Jumping, climbing, and fighting are all poorly done. Despite the extensive walls of texts, tutorial does nothing to fix the broken – well everything. I tried with a keyboard and that wasn’t well optimized. I played with controller, which is way better but now I can’t move left or right while climbing vines else my character let go and fall to his death. This is frustrating considering you need to move while climbing otherwise you can’t cover the distance towards your next platform. I died twice in the tutorial. Let that sink in.

Advertising your game as ‘hardcore’ doesn’t exempt it from being reasonably feasible. The difficulty is unrealistically bad, because the amount of traps and huge falls you face is maddening. This is even worse when you realize that you can’t even make out the distance to the next platform or the trap lying in wait, because of the 2.5D design choice. I got hit by arrows I didn’t know were coming, stepped on spike traps that I had no idea were on the other side, and fell to my doom because a close platform turned out to be further than expected. On the other hand, if you double jump, you will probably jump past the platform and fall anyway. If you land on the platform, and the slippery animation is hard to control, you figured it out: you still fall. Unless you perfectly execute your jumps after dozens of trial and error, you’re not going anywhere. Also, the jumping key can be unresponsive as mentioned about the controls, so there is that to contend with as well.

Story is the most unfortunate victim as I found it to be the most appealing. You play as Monsieur Ratimousse, a rat tasked of ridding his world of Mimics. These mimics –true to their name- are chests and sacks that lure naïve scavengers and treasure hunters to their doom. These biting and slapping monstrosities are creation of foul magic known as the Unbound, and prominent due to Witches. Those same witches were long chased and eradicated by Ratimousse’s Order, but now a new rumor arise of something- or someone organizing the Unbound troops. That and the fact that our protagonist also can tap into that demonic realm that powers his enemies, screams: inspired by Dragon Age. The blight and this corruption, the Unbound Mirrors and the Eluvians, Ratimousse and the Grey Wardens, the Witches and the Archdemons, the Darkspawn and the Mimics, it’s all too familiar but with a new and interesting skin.

Combat is abysmal at best. Broken hitboxes could go both ways; you striking an enemy from inconsistent distance or enemy hitting you by attacking the stone you are standing on. If you get stuck between two monsters, you’re as good as dead considering enemies attack can virtually stun you. Enjoy being stunlocked until you run out of health, or knocked to fall to your death.

Mimic Hunter could have been a really good game. It has the beautiful graphics and the attractive story, which could also do with a bit of voice acting instead of walls of texts, to grip a player’s attention. Unfortunately the unbearable controls makes everything bad. Like a sickness that weakens whatever strong points the game tries to stand on. Unless you are a masochist, just keep away from this one. In its current state, it’s not worth playing, but I do really hope the developers stick to it and give it the tweaks and love it needs. If there is any good news to share is that there is a free demo available for you to play, and this gets a bonus point at least.




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