Mobius Final Fantasy gets New Character among Halloween Campaign Update

Square Enix’s mobile game, Mobius Final Fantasy, is getting a new character. Meia is a sorceress that will be available simply by playing the latest chapter in the episodic game. The sorceress is also the first playable female character in Mobius Final Fantasy adding a much needed touch of diversity. Along with Meia are a series of updates, including a new campaign  “Chapter VI: Bewitching Memories” that has an (obligatory) Halloween theme.

There are new mage type job cards that can give Meia little boosts, and these will also come in with the latest campaign. There will be different kinds of job cards that will help players in the newest campaign. These include things like the “Esmeralda” job that gives Meia a higher magic power stat. This will come in handy against the new bosses that will present players with a major challenge in “Bewitching Memories”.


Our new Sorceress Meia.

There are also gifts that will be running all through Halloween, from the 16th of October to the 2nd of November. These gifts include cool little pumpkin accessories so you can customize your Meia. As well as stamina elixirs that allow the player to fight for longer during the campaign. These elixirs will be given daily just by logging into the game, providing a little incentive to log on.

There is even something for the hardcore Mobius Final Fantasy players (are there many?). The update comes with a ranking mode, from the 24th to the 31st of October players can finish the mission where Meia first appears to climb the leaderboards, as well as earn unspecified big rewards.

If you would like to see Meia in action, in various job costumes, check out the trailer!

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