This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on Android, PC, and PlayStation Vita. 

MUSYNX is a rhythm game developed by I-Inferno. I am quite a fan of rhythm games, such as the good ol’ Guitar Hero and Rockband. I sunk alot of hours playing them back in the day, and reviewing MUSYNX really had me reminiscing. MUSYNX is similar, but without the large instruments taking up my lounge, and with a totally different variety of music. Check out my review below to see if this game captured my favour like Guitar Hero did!

The controls for MUSYNX are quite straight forward; All you will really need to use is the A, X, left, and forward button (on the Switch at least). For each track symbols will come flying down towards you and you will have to hit the corresponding button when it reaches the icons. You will get messages such as great or exact pop up depending on how accurate you were with your timing.

There are a ton of tracks in MUSYNX , covering a range genres. You will go from soft melodies to upbeat tracks with eccentric vocals all the way to electro, dubstep and even some 8bit styled music. You can choose to play these songs on either easy or hard; Hard is practically the same thing with more notes thrown in there to test your skills. Each track also has its own difficulty level indicated by its level on the top left of the screen, I didn’t see a way to sort them via levels, so everything is kind of mixed in with each other. You could be doing a level 1 track and then the very next is a level 4 which is quite a bit harder. In the lower levels you will mainly be tapping the corresponding buttons individually whilst the harder levels will have you holding down two buttons at once in different combinations. A few tracks even started to remind me of my days playing Guitar Hero 3 and mashing the buttons like in Through the Fire and Flames by Dragon Force.

With each song you can change your options up such as changing the speed at which you would like the notes to come at you, although it’s worth noting that this changes the speed only – not the quantity of notes. On the slowest option you see all the upcoming notes at once and it makes things a bit easier to prepare for.


As this is a rhythm game the sound is thankfully amazing. All the tracks are unique, and with a large selection to choose from there is pretty much a song for everyone to enjoy. Another good point is that the notes are placed well on time with the music, something that has been amiss in other rhythm games I’ve played. Graphically MUSYNX is pretty good and depending on what type of song you are playing will determine the background of the area.


MUSYNX is a fantastic game that has only increasd my love for rhythm games. With such a diversity of songs it didn’t get boring and being able to change the speed at the start of the level allows you to challenge yourself but also improve your skills if you find yourself overwhelmed on a song. I only wish that MUSYNX made use of more buttons to give more depth which in turn could’ve added an extra layer of challenge to the game. I would recommend MUSYNX to fans of rhythm games, and anyone interested in a little challenge while jamming to some tunes.



  • Variety of genres
  • Cool songs
  • Fun gameplay


  • Could've utilised more controls

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