I haven’t played an MX VS ATV game since high school, where I had a friend that was obsessed with motocross and I was obliged to play with him. Years later and MX VS ATV All Out has hit the latest generation of consoles. I figured why not, and dived in.

I lost my limbs

The compound is an open world dirt track similar to a hub world. You can customise your rides, rider and gear and then put them to the test. Events are accessed through a menu and the whole system really makes you feel as if you are the rider, instead of the guy playing the rider. Visually, the game is great, but then again racing games and their equivalents have been hitting their stride visually for many years now. Motocross isn’t about being pretty, so this is not something that I’m too concerned about, but it’s always nice to play a visually pleasing game.

I found them again, alongside some cool clothes

Upon booting you are taken straight to the compound, and this is where the action unfolds. There are collectible cogs for you to get, jumps to do, dirt tracks to try out and of course a pond to ride across in true motocross surfing fashion. Something I was incredibly worried about was the learning curve. I don’t ride motorbikes (not by choice, my partner won’t let me (apparently I’m too dangerous)). I know how to ride, I know how gears work etc. etc. but I don’t know how to ride a dirt bike like a pro. MX VS ATV All Out took away my worries like a great cuppa tea and took me through some of the best tutorials that I have played in a long time. Explaining the different race types, customisation options, vehicle options, tricks, clutch, jumps – it was incredibly informative and helpful. A stellar tutorial can make the difference in a game and given that it is all optional, will not bother returning veterans of the series or seasoned players of the game.

Tricky tricky tricksta

When playing a game as broad as this for a review, it’s hard to find the balance between reviewing absolutely everything and reviewing just the most important aspects. Given the huge variety in this game, I figure we will just tackle it one bit at a time. Like a family; together. You and me. MX VS ATV All Out had taken me through the tutorials, I had gotten most of the cogs from the compound, I had looked at tuning my bike (way over my head but cool), and I had called my rider “Mal”. Procrastination done, it was time to race! I opened up the menu where I was greeted by various options (I’ll do a cool bullet list with descriptions to save you googling). (You’re Welcome).

  • Series – As the name doesn’t at all suggest, this is the main focus of the game. Working your way through various competitions, gaining the trophy and the fame that comes with it. Series are comprised of the various disciplines on display in All Out – SuperCross, Freestyle etc. Get the most points to win the series.
  • Single event – Race the same tracks and events from the series.
  • Online – If you need explaining what online racing is… well…
  • Time trial – Race tracks and aim for the fastest time!
  • Arcade – Splitscreen play!

The multiple game modes offer plenty of replayability and the series mode offers a replayability feature. Every cup offers the option to customise difficulty, number of laps per event and also whether you have a practice round and if there is a qualifier. One of the best parts in my opinion is the customisation; vehicles have a variety of performance and cosmetic upgrades. You can customise your bike, atv and utv in a variety of different ways and gives you the feeling that you really are the one climbing your way to the top.

There are cool cars too

Honestly, I don’t have too much to complain about in this game. In fact while playing the game, nothing really came to mind. My only complaint would have to be the menu system, it feels clunky and slow and it’s a really unfortunate downside to what is otherwise a great game. The game sacrifices a more fleshed out menu for the open play compound. It’s a small price to pay for what is an awesome compound, but it is still a hassle when you want to start a race or customise a vehicle and are hit with long waiting times.

MX VS ATV All Out is an awesome motocross game for lovers of the genre and newbies. The fleshed out tutorial is enough to help all players get familiarised with all the game modes and racing techniques. The clunky menu system, whilst annoying, doesn’t derail you from being able to enjoy your time racing through the mud.



  • Customisation options
  • Lots of replayability
  • Open compound


  • Clunky menu systems


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