This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

My Brother Rabbit is a very emotional game with a very powerful graphic design. This is not the first Artifex Mundi title I’ve had the chance to play and review as I also checked out Nightmares from the Deep 2. The point and click genre has never been my forte, but I had to admit that the overall story and design of this one made a very good impression. Let me explain why.

The story is pretty heartbreaking. Pictures tell you the story of a family with a very sick young daughter. Not knowing what to do, the brother does his best to help her as he imagines a surreal world. The game takes place in this fantasy inspired world where you will play as a rabbit, which is actually the little girl’s plush bunny. The main goal here is to save a little flower, which actually represents his sister.

Different creatures and the great level design of the game

The story will totally hook you and given the subject matter, you won’t be able to feel at ease throughout the game. But it’s not just a sad atmosphere, on the contrary: the world in which My Brother Rabbit takes place is a very colourful world filled with very diverse and strange creatures, landscapes, and and interesting overall design. Using this imaginary world, you will be able to see a lot a parallels to what’s happening in the real world. It will constantly remind you of what’s really happening, but it will also show that not all hope is lost.

Brother Rabbit next to the flower, his sister, in a puzzle

The gameplay is part Point and Click and also kind of an adventure game. The genre is still mainly puzzle solving in which finding objects to solve them will be the key to success. It involves running around scenes to find those hidden objects thanks to very simplistic physical controls. Some items are in plain sight, and other will blend in with the scenery. You’ll need to collect enough items to solve the puzzles and this enables you to complete the next one, over and over again, which unfortunately became very repetitive after awhile

In general, the game wasn’t very challenging, which felt a bit off to me, but My Brother Rabbit was really pretty and the story itself was worth the ride. Even though the subject matter was very tough and emotional at moments, My Brother Rabbit successfully tells a story about sickness and handles it without being too heavy handed. Clicking on objects to solve puzzles can give the feeling of déjà vu, but the rest is interesting enough to give it a try.



  • The story really gets you
  • Beautiful game-design


  • Finding objects all the time can become dull after awhile


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