Mythic Ocean Preview – Beauty

This title is exclusive to PC, and was previewed as such. 

It’s a cold, rainy day. You make yourself a warm cup of coffee, get a blanket, and then sit in front of your PC. You’re cozy, but you’re not in mood for an action game or something that feels hyper… You want something soothing and beautiful to suit the aura of comfort you’re in. Paralune LLC presents to you the choice-based masterpiece: Mythic Ocean.

A brand new world

You wake up, finding yourself in a strange undersea realm you have never seen before, and you don’t seem to remember anything… Not even your identity. You acquire one single information: A new world will be soon born, and it is your duty to speak with different oceanic gods to guide the creation of this world.

Right off the bat, you feel involved in the storyline of the game, it really feels like you -the player- are personally concerned with what’s happening and what’s going to happen. Not to mention the simplicity and cleverness behind the way the events are presented; dynamic and easy-to-follow. I was hooked from the first minute.

Depths of the Ocean

This time I’m going to make an exception and talk about the visuals of Mythic Ocean before the gameplay because they’re absolutely breathtaking (no pun intended). The semi-realistic 3D art-style feels beautiful and sets the mood for a calm and entertaining experience.  The only thing I found to be a little annoying is the side characters. Some of them feel flat and almost abandoned; they deserve more love ♥. Other than that, all assets and UI feel really consistent and stick to the ocean theme of the title, even the soundtrack which I found to be amazing! The OST was a very important element in my session, and I recommend playing the game with headphones if you want the best experience.

Dialog Choices

Mythic Ocean is story-driven, but also choice-based so failure is literally not an option. You set out in the vast ocean with two goals in mind: Help the Gods in the process of creating a new world, and discover your identity further. I personally enjoyed the balance between the two goals, the game is flexible and complex enough to allow you to balance your playstyle between the two objectives. The ocean is like a big country with cities in it, and each God takes care of their own “city” the way they deem fit; this is where you step in. Through dialog, you need to change Gods’ behaviors and attitudes both toward themselves and toward each other.

With every choice you make, you’ll see “Fables” play out between each of the deities, and the relationships between them will develop accordingly. Moreover, by speaking to Gods, you’ll also be changing other creatures’ lives as well! You can talk to these creatures each time you’ve made a decision to see how you’ve affected them, or just to enjoy their little stories like I did. In the current demo there are only three available Deities, yet the content was already so rich. Of course, you can’t go helping people like that without helping yourself first (or in the process, at least), which is why “Pages” have been left across the map for you to find. Pages serve as hints, they take you to a library realm where you find pages of previously written content that relates to you. In the demo, these are currently the only way to find clues about the player’s identity.

Not always, Ketri… Not always

Final Thoughts

If you want to take a chill pill or blow some steam off (no pun intended, I swear), I highly recommend you wishlist Mythic Ocean on Steam for the piece of art it is. I will be definitely rechecking the game again for more awesome content because the demo (as short as it was) was enough for me to fall in love.

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