New Gameplay of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Released

There’s a new Naruto game coming out of the shadows, and it seems to flip the script on everything we are used to in the franchise. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker gets rid of the simple fighting game model past games had, and replaces them with a new, more multiplayer focused game.

This game will have you and your team of 4 ninjas battling it out against other players in a variety of modes in open 3D worlds. One mode seems like a capture the point game style, with another capture the flag mode that highlights the wall riding and ninja acrobatics. The last is a chaotic battle in which teams try to kill a boss before the enemy team can.

These 4v4 games are given an increasing amount of depth by the Ninjutsu system. There are 4 different types of Ninjutsu a character can have, each with advantages to the team; Attack type Ninjutsu characters such as Naruto will have fast and strong close range attacks, Ranged-type Ninjutsu characters like Sasuke are famous for their long-distance attacks. Defense-type Ninjutsu Characters are able to reinforce their defenses and absorb more damage. The last type of characters who have Heal-type Ninjutsu will be able to heal themselves as well as other players, making them a vital asset to any team, but a vital target to enemies.

This switch from a traditional fighting game to a more MOBA like fighting system with classes and abilities sounds like an interesting match for the Naruto world. The source material allows for a variety of ninjutsu, and is reflected in more depth with things such as Sasuke being a healer. There will definetly be more modes announced, and hopefully more characters for the roster, but this looks like a game to keep you Sharingan eye on.

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