New trailer for PARANOID – a deep psychological horror

Madmind Studio is thrilled to present a new trailer for PARANOID – a first person survival game set in the late 80’s combining dynamic and brutal action with a deep psychological plot. It was developed by an internal Madmind Studio team and will be released exclusively on Steam.

The new trailer presents the paranoia of Patrick, the main protagonist, showing his struggle with the progressive mental illness. As the subject of mental illness is very strict, they want to address it with proper respect.

PARANOID tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31 year old man who lost his family in mysterious circumstances. His parents died in a brutal accident while his sister went missing. Trauma from his loss has destroyed his psyche and made him a prisoner in his own apartment.

One day he answers the phone and is confronted by a voice that seems to belong to his sister who went missing 13 years ago, and announces her arrival. Patrick must walk away from his safe yet unhealthy life in isolation and expose himself to horrible experiences on the verge of madness.

Key Features:

  • A deep, immersive plot combining psychological horror with survival and combat.
  • A disturbing atmosphere that mixes psychosis with surrealism.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Dreadful enemies.
  • Realistic and brutal melee combat.
  • Gameplay balancing on the verge of paranoia and reality.
  • Gameplay based on taking various types of drugs.
  • Three different endings depending on the style of the player’s gameplay.

Check out the new trailer!

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