New trailer for This is the Police II

Our protagonist from This is the Police, Police Chief Jack Boyd was too deep in bureaucracy to get involved in field tactics. But in Sharpwood, the setting of This is the Police II, recently appointed Sheriff Lilly Reed is taking a new approach: take your deputies under your direct control during difficult and dangerous missions.

When you come across these situations, gameplay switches to an all new turn-based combat mode. Gather your finest officers (Or the drunk and stupid, you won’t always be able to pick Officer McDreamy Lilly!). Remember; Police are to serve and protect, not kill and maim. You want that sweet sweet cuffing, not a dead body. Strategy will be heavily involved; study your terrain, adapt your plans and maneuvers, use stealth and a range of weapons and equipment. Gunfights aren’t going to be avoidable always, so a clear mind and a good shot will be key. This is the Police II is realistic, so don’t expect hit points to keep you going. It only takes one fatal bullet to kill someone.

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