New Twin-Stick Shooter, Veterans Online, Blasts Onto PC

Arcade shooters and multiplayer skirmishes aren’t the usual combo, but Veterans Online aims to scratch both itches. With many bullets!

Veterans Online is an online multiplayer action shooter that puts players right in the front line of an epic warfare. Soldiers run amok in the battlefield trying to outsmart opponents with a slew of tricks from a well-placed mine to a perfectly timed grenade throw, among many other attack options at their disposal.

“We are excited to launch Veterans Online and put Tunisian games development on the global radar,” said Mostafa Dhaouadi, Creative Director from Nuked Cockroach. “Inspired by the action games we grew up with, Veterans Online will appeal to those who are looking for a fast-paced runnin’ and gunnin’ experience where your skill and reaction speed is what really counts.”

Sound good? Well, Veterans Online currently features two game modes, Territory Control and Capture the Flag, with a number of additional play modes and maps already in the works. Better still, you can grab the game for free from the official website today. If you prefer, a Steam release is due in the near future.

We hope to see you on the battlefield soon!