Novarama releases new Killsquad E3 2019 Video

An E3 2019 welcome video for Killsquad has been released by independent developer Novarama. Killsquad is a co-op action RPG, that will be launching this summer on Steam Early Access. Novarama will be at the Indiecade booth at E3 2019 with a live multiplayer demo that will focus on the three tenets of the game which are Exploration, Extermination and Escape.

About Killsquad
Killsquad is a new action RPG set in a sci-fi world coming to Steam Early Access this summer. It is a modern RPG about bounty hunters raiding planets for loot and glory while battling enemies and huge bosses. Built on Unreal, Killsquad is an indie AAA game that focuses on fast hack’n’slack gameplay, cooperation, and survival.
Killsquad also has plans to launch on console for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for details coming later this year.

Check out the welcome video below:

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