The Insatiable Gamer teams up with Mat Riot from NZ Retro Gamers to review the EverDrive N8 NES.

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I am a big Nintendo fan and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is one of my favourites. The simple controls, the graphics, and it’s game play. As it stands I have a pretty significant library when it comes to the NES, but thanks to the interest of retro gaming becoming more mainstream, prices are skyrocketing on TradeMe and eBay. What about those games that now cost hundreds, or the games that never came out on a physical cart. How do you play those?

This is where the EverDrive N8 comes in. Sure, you can emulate on a computer and in a lot of ways that is easier and cheaper, but there is something about playing on the original hardware. The N8 lets you play every NES game ever made including the Japanese version, the Family Computer (Famicom) and the Japan only add on the Famicom Disk System. As well as official releases there is a huge amount of hacks, English translations and prototypes available as well. Set up is relatively painless; download the latest operating system from the website, load it on to an SD card, load the ROMs and you are away. On the site there is a frequently asked questions section for the uninitiated, and a forum for any other problems you need help with. All and all, if you have basic computing skills you shouldn’t have any issues. Saying that, the N8 is a little bit fussy when it comes to SD cards, and most problems that occur will probably be associated with that.

Nothing beats the classics
Nothing beats the classics

To test out the N8 I started by playing the unjustifiably expensive games. The ones that I will never own in physical form because I prefer not to sell my kidneys and no one would take my liver. It all worked, and I was able to see for myself if or why they fetched such a high price tag. Some simply because of rarity, others because they were actually really good games. The main reason I wanted an Everdrive was to play the games that I couldn’t easily play by any other means, be it because of price or physical availability. As you can probably tell I am very happy with this device, I did my research and they are well regarded as good quality from internet sites everywhere as well. You can buy a slightly cheaper clone version from China, but they are unsupported, and for the price I wasn’t willing to take the risk. I waited for the Black Friday special which saved a significant amount.

When it comes to saving, you can save any game that originally had a save feature. For the majority of games you can use save states, but this is limited to one state per game.

The good outweighs the bad when it comes to this product. It’s relatively easy to use and features solid construction.

The Insatiable Gamer does not endorse piracy on any level. video game piracy is a massive issue in the video game industry and everyone should do their best to avoid it where possible. Any thoughts or opinions in this review belong to Mat Riot from NZ Retro Gamers and do not necessarily align with The Insatiable Gamer team’s.



  • Solid construction
  • Ongoing OS updates to improve the product
  • Support via FAQ and forums
  • Ease of use


  • Finding a 100% compatible SD card for the device is troublesome

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