This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC .

What if a single game could meet your needs concerning fun gameplay, retro gaming and nostalgia-fueled tracks? Well, this is the one ladies and gentleman! Game publisher Playdius and indie developer La Moutarde announced Old School Musical for Nintendo Switch not so long ago, and voilà it’s here! Let me explain why this game will be a must-have for everyone, especially if you’re a retro fan!

The story is as follows: You’ll follow Tib and Rob, who are two video game characters, trained by their mother to be top gaming heroes. Our role will be to stay in tune, follow the rhythm and hit the flying notes to help Tib and Rob to find their mother. If you miss too many notes in a level, you’ll fail in your mission.

A boss fight

The gameplay is pretty simple: hit all the right notes in a Dance Dance Revolution style of gameplay. While you’re playing and focused on hitting the notes perfectly, the story is being displayed in the background. For example, in the Magical Flute level, you’ll see how Link and Zelda fight through the level thanks to your rhythmic-skills. In the main menu, you will have the possibility to choose the level you want to play and in which difficulty: easy, normal or hard. Every time you complete a level, the game will show you your overall score depending on how many perfect, good and bad notes you made throughout.

Content wise, it’s very important to point out all the nostalgia-fueled references to 8-bit games and their fantastic music tracks. Old School Musical seems to be a huge bow to the 80’s and 90’s and makes you definitely feel like a kid again. The game has plenty of different game modes: Story, Arcade and Challenge Mode. Each one has different goals, obviously, such as going on a crazy adventure with the fellas, reaching your highest score or playing the game by challenging yourself in order to unlock new content. The choice is yours!

Space-invaders and Tetris inspired level

Old School Musical features over 50 different tracks from famous games and artists, giving you the chills just from listening to a remixed Tetris theme or The Legend of Zelda tunes. The overall graphics will remind you of your sweet childhood, thanks to very bright and spectacular 8-bit level-design. There’s literally nothing that will not please you, especially if you particularly loved the genre back in the days!

Old School Musical is definitely a must-try for its excellent graphics and music. To top that, the game itself remains challenging and makes you enjoy every single level!



  • Flawless design
  • Nostalgia-fueled tunes
  • Keeps being challenging


  • More levels would be very welcome!

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