Orangeblood – 90s Hip-hop Inspired RPG

Orangeblood, a JRPG inspired by 90s hip-hop, will drop on PC starting 14 Jan. 2020. PLAYISM and Grayfax Software’s Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One releases will join the party in Q2 2020.

Explore the man-made island of New Koza as Vanilla, a prisoner of a gang war charged with a secret mission in exchange for her freedom. Takedown mobsters and robots for procedurally-generated loot drops of powerful guns and fresh armor-enhancing sneakers, to load up your crew of tenacious-yet-cute companions on this mysterious mission.
Tactically reload guns in a turn-based and ability-focused battle system. Vibe with an original hip-hop inspired soundtrack while you explore this stylish alternate version of 90s history.