Outbuddies’ Soundtrack from “OGRE Music” is Out Now, Game Releasing October

Awesome news for Outbuddies! OGRE, formally known as Mr. Robin Edwin James Ogden, has put the game’s original soundtrack on Bandcamp!

Robin Ogden (OGRE / OGRE Sound) is a composer for games and visual media, self-confessed tape loop splicer, spring reverb tickler, and harbinger of imagined soundtracks for films that don’t exist. His work is grounded in a lifelong love affair with sound, whether produced from wonky analog synthesizers, contact microphones or strange and wonderful handmade instruments.

His music can be found in the award-winning indie games Actual SunlightThis Is The Police I &II, and Hacknet: Labyrinths.

The soundtrack was already recorded in January and February 2018, following the game’s Kickstarter campaign in 2017. “We got a total runtime of 37:46 and I’m damn proud to be part of this. Having a soundtrack composed by a musician that skilled has by far been my smartest decision I made on my six-years journey to produce this game and I hope you’ll all enjoy listening!“, adds Outbuddies‘ developer Julian Laufer.

Julian continues “Outbuddies is an exciting new chapter in the metroidvania tradition, and I wanted to reflect the ethos of these types of games with my Berlin school influences (Tangerine DreamKlaus SchulzeMichael Hoenig, etc.): sequences, repetition, and evolution. Prior to composing the soundtrack, I was reading Steve Reich‘s collected Writings On Music, which I’d argue has similar ideas to Berlin school composition. It seemed natural to employ some of these aesthetic choices when working on Outbuddies‘ soundtrack, namely thematic sequences which evolve, distort and change as you dive deeper and traverse the game’s levels. Mantras and repetition have so many spiritual connotations, which seemed to me a perfect fit for a game about Old Gods stirring in the deep.”

We love a good indie action-adventure game here at The Insatiable Gamer, and look forward to its release!