Panzer Strategy Preview

Panzer Strategy is a turn-based combined arms strategy by Starni Games. While in early access, and rough around the edges; I can see much promise in this game. I personally love a good historical strategy game even though it’s quite overdone in the gaming industry.

Assisting Franco in the Modern Warfare Testing Ground of the Inter-War Period

Panzer Strategy has you placed in the role of a commander slightly prior, and during, of course, World War II. First you will take your pick of one of three historical commanders, I’m partial to Erwin Rommel myself, all of whom give varying bonuses to you and determine your playstyle. It seems that as of right now only Germany is playable, which is fine by me as Germany had the best toys at the time. Movement and combat is done through a hex grid system. You will need use combined arms tactics to complete your mission objective including armor, artillery, infantry and air support. Throughout the typical missions, you need to ensure your supply lines are safe while advancing, taking supply depots as well as railroads, airbases and your objective. Supply lines are an essential and interesting mechanic in Panzer Strategy and you will need to attack, capture, and hold supply depots to ensure that your forces will be resupplied at the beginning of each turn. There is a maximum turn limit for each mission which determines a degree of success, running out the clock is naturally a defeat unless the mission states otherwise. By capturing objectives, airbases, railways and supply depots, you gain command points which can be used to repair your equipment, as well as purchase new units and upgrade them. Your success throughout each mission affects you heavily in the next in that regard.

While this may sound interesting and fun, Panzer Strategy has some issues that need to be addressed. Yes, it’s early access but it’s still helpful to point out what is currently wrong with the game. The tutorial isn’t all that much help and features a voiceover that is, well, awful. The animations of the units are jittery at some points and I had a graphical issue where after attacking an enemy tank, the tank flailed about in its tile. This was hilarious and not too much of an issue as it didn’t affect my playthrough, but it did break my immersion.

I love Stukas, they are perhaps my favorite German aircraft of the time period

Despite some of the problems currently with Panzer Strategy, the positives outweigh the negatives. The supply line mechanic is one of the features that got me interested in carefully planning my next advance or ordering a retreat to resupply. The focus on combined arms tactics, such as using artillery on infantry to soften them up or bombing the hell out an enemy in a fortified position with aircraft, was very satisfying to in a history nerd, and as a player.

Franco owes me one smuggling out of Berlin after this

Panzer Strategy is a game worth playing despite the fact that it is an early access title. It’s well worth its price, or at the very least worth waiting for a sale. Combined arms never felt so good. If you’re a history buff or just like turn-based strategy games I would recommend it.

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