This title is exclusive to PC, and was reviewed as such.

A self-proclaimed “fast-paced puzzle platformer” Peasant Knight is a great little gem you can pick up on the Steam Store for just under $4. A lively take on the classic runner platformer, the player must traverse through progressively difficult puzzles to reach the end of each of each level, all whilst avoiding the many, many hazards along the way.

Along with your basic story-mode, there are a few different co-op and versus modes for you to challenge your friends (if unlike me, you’ve got any).


Despite my own lack of interest in most platformers, I had a great time playing Peasant Knight. The gameplay wasn’t the easiest, although this could be attributed to my lack of experience and skill in the genre, but overall I had fun and found the puzzle solving to be rewarding. The basic premise of Peasant Knight is based entirely around your ability to react to and dodge the aforementioned hazards littered around the levels. These range from fire-traps to monsters to slippery ice-platforms which all pose a significant threat to you staying alive. If you die, you have to start the level all over again.

I managed to make it to about level 40 before I lost interest but I enjoyed it enough to push through a few difficult levels and it always felt really good once I managed to make it through.

Multiplayer gameplay was terrible, you played the same levels as single player but you had to share a single keyboard with the other players. Gross.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics aren’t worth writing home about but the retro, blocky art-style combined with the bright pops of colour worked well with the style of the game and reminded me a bit of the early Gameboy Colour titles of the late 90’s. The audio was fun but nothing special and sounded similar to action adventure games from the same time period.



All in all, Peasant Knight was a bunch of fun. The puzzles were challenging enough to keep you coming back for more and it always felt really great when you finally made it through a particularly difficult level. A well-made example of classic side-scrolling fun that looks and sounds pretty decent.



  • Lots of fun even for those not normally interested in the genre
  • Challenging but rewarding when you manage to make it through the hard parts
  • Cheap as chips


  • Terrible multiplayer
  • Despite fun gameplay, can get frustrating at later levels