Reviewed on PC, where it is exclusively available.

This should be the game.

I mean it. Look, I love the main game. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor was a fun foray into the gladiator ring with some side fetch quests and a little story. Beast of Winter was a solid bit of story with a side of action. But The Forgotten Sanctum far outranks all of them. It’s the first time in this game that I’ve been truly caught up in my screen. It was like a very good book. The kind that you spend all night reading before blinking blurrily out the window when you realise it’s dawn and bugger it, you have to go to work now. But you know it’s worth it. The Forgotten Sanctum has, what I think, are tougher and more entertaining battles than we found in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor and a far more gripping story than Beast of Winter.

The Forgotten Sanctum Screenshot

As always, there’s a god (or what’s left of one) out causing trouble and it’s up to our Watcher to deal with it. The new characters you meet (I first wrote ‘meat’, then thought of leaving it because it’s actually a very good pun about this DLC. But then I thought people won’t get it and just send me snarky messages about spelling and editing. So now you get to read this massively long byline. Are you happy internet?) are so good, I was low key hoping I could pick them up as companions. This would be to replace my current shitty companions, who are still whining at me after all this time (I’m looking at you Eder).

The Forgotten Sanctum Map

Now, don’t expect any updates to anything other than the new location and story. It’s still Pillars II and the load times still make me want to hurl something out of the window (in the hopes that whatever it is, it hits someone, making them as miserable as me). I even had a few crashes trying to load my game after it updated with the new DLC (and one in a location towards the end). I say this every time I review anything about any Pillars game, for the love of god install it on a SSD. All I can say is that Obsidian is lucky it’s so damn good at the rest of game making.

I spent 6 glorious hours on this DLC, but the time will depend on the difficulty you choose. I tend to just play on Veteran, but if you’re one of those gamers and hate your life on Path of the Damned, you’ll get a solid 7-10 hours.

If you pick up any DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, make it The Forgotten Sanctum.



  • Challenging fights
  • Excellent story
  • Great characters


  • Crashes
  • Loading times


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