Pizza Titan Ultra – Revisited

This article is based on the PS4 version of the title, it is also available on PC. 

A few months back I reviewed Breakfall’s latest game, the bizarrely charming Pizza Titan Ultra (Check out my review here). At the time I have to say, I was utterly won over by the nostalgic 90s vibe, the memorable characters and the enjoyable – if simple – gameplay. This is a game where you get to run around the futuristic Galactic City delivering pizzas to a hilarious cast of characters in a giant mecha. There’s honestly not much more Breakfall could have added to instantly pique my attention. I’m a simple girl; giant robots and pizza is always going to be a win in my book.

Pizza Titan Ultra is now available on PS4!

Breakfall have just released Pizza Titan Ultra onto PS4 and so (just like in real life) I’ve gone back for a second helping of Pizza. I predicted that Pizza Titan Ultra would transfer well from PC to PS4, and if anything, it worked even better than I expected. While easy to pick up on PC, I feel like the controls of this game are particularly suited to playing with a controller. I often find that any games that involve steering a vehicle just suit a handheld controller better than a mouse and keyboard – this clearly extends to giant robots because running around Galactic City and hitting back at the evil Cheezeborg’s magenta minions became even easier and more satisfying once a controller was thrown into the mix.

Face down cheesy enemies to become the best fast food business in Galactic City!

A lot of games that are ported to a new platform – whether it’s from console to PC or vice versa – lose something of the gameplay in the process. Often developers must simplify combat to suit the new platform. Sometimes the movement simply isn’t as smooth. There are any number of problems that can come from moving a game built for one system onto another. Pizza Titan Ultra doesn’t have any of these issues, and if anything, the move to PS4 and controller makes the gameplay feel more accessible and natural than it did in the PC version.

Pizza Titan Ultra delivers once again!

Pizza Titan Ultra remains a simple but memorable and enjoyable game that stands out from the crowd. Whether you prefer to play on PC or PS4, this is definitely a game you should pick up – particularly if you’re looking for a few hours of light-hearted ridiculousness. If you’re looking for something a bit bizarre, a bit hilarious, and with that extra nostalgia kick, then Pizza Titan Ultra is for you.

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