This title is exclusive to PS4 and was reviewed as such. 

I love party games, from the likes of Overcooked to Jackbox, and the PlayLink titles on Playstation are among my favourites. Nothing is more fun than a game that caters to both gamers and non-gamers, and brings them together in some old school shenanigans. Chimparty is one of two new additions to the PlayLink roster (With the other being Knowledge is Power: Decades, review to follow). I enlisted the help of my partner Alex, my very good friend Jamie (He’s not good at games, don’t worry), and another friend who hasn’t made the name drop level yet. Chimparty brings similar features to the other PlayLink titles, but with a new and exciting twist; you get to customise your own monkey using accessories that you earn by winning stars! That’s enough monkeying around, let’s get into this review!

Now, like other PlayLink titles, whilst playing in the main game mode it is always possible to net a win. Chimparty’s main game mode has players strolling through various wacky mini games whilst playing a board game, complete with dice rolls! Landing on different counters results in different things, from propelling you forwards or backwards, to starting a minigame. It means that even someone well in first can be pushed to last in a moment.


As I mentioned in my review of Frantics, this is an awesome feature that makes the game more appealing to those not so skilled at minigames (Looking at you Jamie). And also like Frantics, this can be disabled by customising the game mode, you can even just play minigames with no board! Minigames are all monkey themed, ranging from dodging barrels (Hey there Donkey Kong) to swinging all over a map avoiding coconuts, they’re all incredibly fun and offer enough of a challenge, whilst remaining accessible to entertain all players.The main improvement which I mentioned above is the ability to customise your little monkey friend. Each minigame has you earn stars depending on how well you performed, and those stars accumulate to unlock new hats, shoes, accessories and clothing! It brings a unique form of customisation to the PlayLink roster of games which carries over every time you play, not just per session.

My one and only issue, and it’s something that carries on from PlayLink title to title, is that when you switch screens on your phone it can really wreak havoc with your connection to the game. Sometimes, even causing you to not be able to rejoin. It’s a big pain when in the middle of a game, someone checks a text or goes on Facebook and boom they’re disconnected. I’m not sure if that’s a limitation of the mobile app or the game, but either way it’s annoying.

The graphics are awesome, they’re not groundbreaking but look good regardless of how many players you have connected. Like previous PlayLink titles, Chimparty’s accompanying app is both clean and smooth running, even with the added customisation options thrown in. None of us had any connectivity issues or laggy inputs, and with our skillsets ranging from novice to seasoned gamer, showed how accessible of a game it is.

All in all, Chimparty is an absolute banger of a party game. With various modes, a nice new approach to the PlayLink games and customisable monkeys; this is a party game not to be missed.



  • Awesome minigames
  • Cutesy characters
  • Customisation options


  • I still can’t win
  • Annoying disconnects when using other apps

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