This title is exclusive to PC and was reviewed as such.

Please Find Me is a first person explorer game where you make your way down a dark rabbit hole of weirdness. Please Find Me follows the story of Michael, who awakens in a dark forest with rain pouring around him. Your tasked with rescuing a couple of bags from the rain and getting them someplace dry and safe. After finding a cave and stashing the bags, you venture deeper in and fall down a hole and spend the rest of the game trying to find your way back out.

At time of writing, you can pick up Please Find Me for $3.69 NZD from Steam.



If I could describe the gameplay and controls for Please Find Me; janky is the word I’d use. It’s certainly playable, but even just walking around doesn’t feel quite right. I found myself on more than one occasion getting stuck on objects, which was incredibly frustrating. You spend most of your time exploring caves and trying to make your way out alive; there are also heaps and heaps of underwater levels. The underwater controls weren’t as bad as that level from Crash Bandicoot: Warped but, still pretty horrid. 

There are a number of different threats you’ll encounter during your time in this mysterious hole, none of which you can fight back against. These range from sharks, to spider swarms, to strangely agile spiny urchin. Take enough damage and you die – you’re likely going to die a lot.

There were also a few funny cut scenes where Michael over-dramatically fell down a hole or randomly began to break dance, but the gags were repeated frequently and became stale quickly.


Graphics and Audio:

Certainly not the prettiest gem in the box, but not the dullest either. Please Find Me is probably one of the better looking games in the <$5 bargain bin bracket. The graphics were certainly good enough to give you a decent scare when something jumped out at you and the audio wasn’t bad either; it lent a decent amount of atmosphere to Please Find Me. Michael’s voice acting was also a lot better than I was expecting and was one of the biggest highlights during my playtime.


Gotta say, I don’t rate it. Please Find Me is one of those games we at TIG play and review so you don’t have to. The controls under-performed and despite being manageable they weren’t good. The level design felt really repetitive and unoriginal save for a single lava room. The graphics were decent and I enjoyed the backing audio as well as the voice acting – but it wasn’t enough to save me from this rabbithole. 



  • A cheap game that you can pick-up on a budget
  • Solid voice acting and audio


  • Poorly optimized controls
  • Super generic level design
  • Confusing and zero back-story