I love Pokemon. Have done my entire life. In fact, one of the first games I can remember playing was my friend’s Pokémon Yellow on his Gameboy. Since then I have seen Pokémon evolve in ways I would never imagine, jumping from handheld to handheld, and finally to the current generation we have on the Nintendo 3DS.

I also love Rick and Morty. The overly outrageous cartoon series made by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland has made me weep with laughter and cringe at some very, very questionable moments in a few of the episodes. The parody of Doc and Marty really shines through and resonates with a lot of viewers.

I never, in a million years, thought the two would mix.

I love the inclusion of the following of your Morty's!
I love the inclusion of the following of your Morty’s!

They did, and the experience that is Pocket Mortys got spewed out, which interestingly, is a parody of the Japanese name for Pokémon (Pocket Monsters). The game allows you to fight and capture Morty’s, each one slightly different depending on what dimension it came from. You can have up to five Morty’s in your party, including your Original Morty, and you can evolve them by combining two of the same Morty into a new one… a new take on one of Pokémon’s most unique features.

The greatest thing about this game for me is the humour. Justin Roiland (the voice for both Rick and Morty) has captured their show personas perfectly in this game, and while some of the lines can be a little repetitive, they are never out of place, especially wherever Rick’s iconic burps come into play. The NPC’s are also amusing, even though some of them just spout unintelligible nonsense, which apparently Rick can understand. Quite possibly the tip top of this Morty-licious cake is the fact that the ‘gym leaders’ are all alternate universe versions of Rick, and the ‘elite four’ are all the members of the Council Of Ricks. Adult Swim really did their homework with some really accurate parodies of the Pokemon universe and I take my hat off to them entirely in this regard.

A new thing in Pocket Mortys is the usage of crafting. You can craft yourself potions and steroid seeds, but you can also craft ‘inventions’. These have no use to you personally, but they can be used by other NPC’s in the game who may ask you to create something for them, like Jerry who asks for a love potion to save his marriage. I like this little inclusion in the game as it adds a bit more than just going to a parallel universe, defeating a Rick and then coming back and doing the same thing over and over again. Oh, and you have no idea how to craft anything at the beginning of the game. You have to use trial and error to figure the recipes out for yourself… or just search the internet, but that’s cheating!!

The battle screen is just as intense
The battle screen is just as intense

Something I didn’t quite like, although should have expected, is the grinding involved in this game. Sure, you have to level up your Pokemon in the real games but there were bigger maps, more variety, and the story of the game really helps you along the way to becoming the best trainer in the world. In Pocket Mortys, you go through a portal, get dumped in an alternate universe and the only way to get back is by winning against the Rick or by having all your Morty’s become ‘dazed’ at which point Bird Person will come and save you (which is awesome in its own though!) I thought there would have been a way to get back to the main area where you could heal up your Morty’s and then go to the next one with full health. I reckon this would make leveling up your Morty’s more fun, and maybe something that I would consider doing instead of just finding two of the same Morty and combining them to get a stronger one.

All in all, this is a hilarious bit of fun that takes the piss out of one of gaming’s most popular franchises in a humour style that only Harmon and Roiland can reproduce. If you are looking for a free mobile game that will have you laughing and engaged for hours while killing time, then this is the game for you.



  • Hilarious
  • Tons of Morty's to battle
  • New evolution mechanic
  • Ingenious crafting system


  • Very grindy
  • Some lines can be repetitive

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