PQube Ltd announces new LGBTQ friendly Visual Novel

PQube Limited and developer Fiction Factory Games have announced a new visual novel aimed at, well, everyone. Arcade Spirits is a LGBTQ friendly, romantic comedy  with a wide variety of characters set in an alternative future. In this world, the gaming crash of 1983 never happened and gaming culture never had that moment of being consigned to the shadows. Get ready for futuristic arcades and more neon than you can shake a stick at.

You can design your own character from the ground up and there are seven lovely companions, who you are able to build a variety of relationships with. From platonic to romantic, Arcade Spirits lets you choose how you want to build your life. There’s a personality trait system and your choices will change how your future plays out.

Arcade Spirits will be available on Steam early 2019 and there’s a demo available right now.


Check out the announcement trailer below.

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