PriceSpy has revealed the most popular gaming console

A note to our readers, this is not a sponsored post. The Insatiable Gamer team are huge supporters of any company that helps make gaming more attainable to all. Pricespy’s price comparison service lets everyone see prices from a range of different companies, to ensure they’re getting the best bang for their buck.

PriceSpy, which is an impartial price and product comparison site, has some new insights into what is the most popular console. So what is it? Drum roll please…

The Nintendo Switch!

For the past two years, Nintendo has outplayed both Sony and Microsoft in overall popularity.

Here are the stats:

The New Zealand Country Manager for PriceSpy, Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett said, “Whilst consumer interest appears to be up the up, historical pricing insights for the Nintendo Switch show the console’s actual price point has remained fairly static, varying by just $79 between $469 to $538. In comparison to the second and third most popular consoles, the historical pricing insights tell a different story. Both the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB and Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB have varied massively in price points, suggesting retailers are offering bigger discounts on these models to entice consumer in to make a purchase. Looking at our popularity data, what’s particularly interesting is this price-drop tactic appears to have paid off for Microsoft, as our insights show that popularity for the Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB has increased significantly since the start of 2018, jumping from 856/108,000 (1 January 2018) to an impressive 40/108,000 today.”

Historical price insights for the Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB (Source: PriceSpy)

Popularity insights for the Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB (Source:  PriceSpy)

Lisa: “With the limelight shining bright on Nintendo at the moment, now may actually provide a good opportunity for PlayStation and Xbox fans to pick up a bargain console.

Using a price comparison website or app such as PriceSpy allows consumers to keep a close eye on the price points of gaming consoles, so that can closely monitor what retailers are charging. For the latest pricing information, we suggest consumers download the app for free today. They can then set up a price alert that automatically sends through a push notification if the price of the console they are looking to buy drops.”

Download the PriceSpy app here.

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