Quest of Vidhuraa is a 2D puzzle-platformer created by indie developer FirstSeed and released on PC on April 27th, 2018.

In Quest of Vidhuraa, the player controls titular character Vidhuraa, a young man whose parents were imprisoned when he was younger. After his grandfather dies, he leaves on an adventure to set his parents free. There isn’t a whole lot of story, but there doesn’t need to be with this type of game. If you go into a puzzle-platformer looking for a rich story, then unfortunately you’ve come to the wrong genre.

As for the gameplay, you just run, jump, and kick off of walls to reach the end of each level and avoid death. It’s nothing really new, but it gets the job done. You avoid spinning sawblades, poison arrows, spikes, and other various obstacles that get in your way. It sounds simple, but believe me when I say this game can get a little infuriating! Many levels require several super-precise jumps between hazards that can take a hefty number of attempts to successfully complete. Finishing a level becomes super satisfying later in the game, and makes it a nice experience. However, at times the controls can feel rather slippery, making it easy for you to overdo a jump or for momentum to send you into a spike when you’re trying to stop.

The graphics have a simple, kind of Newgrounds-esque style. It’s not bad, and in fact it feels nostalgic since a lot of my childhood was spent playing Flash games all day. Though I will admit some of the visuals, mainly Vidhuraa’s design, are just ugly . And as for the music, it just feels repetitive. There isn’t a whole lot of diversity in the soundtrack and that makes it hard to listen to for more than an hour or two — after a while I had to just start listening to other stuff to keep myself from going insane. It’s not bad per-se, just nothing really special or interesting.

Overall, though, there isn’t really a whole lot to say about Quest of Vidhurra. It’s a pretty decent puzzle-platformer, but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Though at around five hours in length (if you suck like me) for less than five dollars, I’d say you get what you pay for. It’s a good challenge and doesn’t have many glaring problems except the slipperiness of the controls leading to some aggravating deaths.



  • Fun platforming action
  • A great challenge without ever feeling impossible
  • Success feels satisfying
  • Nice, albeit simple, overall graphics


  • The character design of Vidhuraa himself is a little unappealing
  • Bland, uninspired music
  • Control at times feels a little too slippery

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