Rage 2 is out now!

Rage 2 is out now worldwide on PS4, XBox One and PC. In Rage 2 id Software’s classic combat meets Avalanche Studios insane open word, where you will play as Ranger Walker in this “shooterverse”. Walker is the closest thing to a superhero in this world, and the best hope they have to overthrown the tyrannical General Cross and his mutated Authority minions.

You’ll need to master the devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weapons, along with your Nanotrite-infused abilities to enhance your performance and turn your enemies into gelatinous cubes of flesh. Everything in Rage 2 is out to get you, from the Goon Squad of the wastes, to the River Hogs of the swamps, to the samurai-esque Immortal Shrouded, and the sewer-dwelling mutants. So make sure you get them first!

Check out the website here to access insane videos, community content, and more.

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