This product was reviewed using both an Xbox One and Desktop PC

I like keyboards. But right off the bat it’s probably best to disclose I’m a hard man to please. So when Razer sent over the latest revision of the Turret For Xbox One I’ll admit, initially I scoffed at the idea. I had used the original Turret and I liked the concept behind it but wasn’t a massive fan of the chiclet style keys, fixed mouse pad and static illumination. Basically the whole product was a miss for me. But hey, at the time I wasn’t the target demographic for it.

Now though, I’m solidly a PC gamer that sometimes uses a console. I AM THE DEMOGRAPHIC. Oh man, it’s good to finally fit in somewhere. That plus the redesign of the Turret For Xbox One actually has me considering buying an Xbox of my own instead of borrowing Michael’s. 



First and foremost when looking at getting a new keyboard this is something I hold dear: How does it look and will it light up with all my other RGB goodies? What started as a meme for me is now something I actually look for, yeah I like RGB stuff, sue me. It’s not like I want it to be all flashy rainbows all the damn time but I just like to play around with lighting and creating profiles, nothing beats typing on something with reactive keys when you suck and make errors all the damn time. You can see exactly when you mess it up!


As far as looks are concerned, the keyboard in the Razer Turret For Xbox One is definitely sleek. It has a very understated design, a full metal enclosure, well spaced and shaped doubleshot keycaps, and the illumination is somewhat subtle when compared to other keyboards I use. Although I believe this is down to design, I actually prefer the less in my face brightness as it makes typing at night a lot more pleasant. 

Oh, did I mention that it has a pull out mouse pad. Yo that’s dope. It’s a touch magnetic and lets the mouse dock rather nicely when sitting on the couch and slides back away when on the desk. That plus the battery inside does make her rather heavy but the weight isn’t unbearable and actually adds to the premium feel. It’s funny really, a while back smaller and lighter was preferred. Now though, heavy and solid is all I want!

One note I do have is that I’m not a fan of the keys being so sloped back. As for use on a couch this could be forgiven but if you are using it on a desk then the sloped bit of aluminium used as a wrist rest just doesn’t allow for the best key elevation for actual typing. Though, then again, typing is not what this was designed for. But can I be forgiven for wanting it all? 

While we’re on the topic of keys though, they’re as consistently awesome as ever! Razer has struck gold, or well green, many years ago with their own line of Mechanical Green switches. They have a brilliant feel, responsive tactile bump and a loud click when pressed. Anyone who has used a Razer keyboard will be more than familiar with the signature feel behind them. Though similar to Cherry MX Blues there is a slight bit more bump whilst still retaining a hearty click. If you’re after something that’s gonna piss off your significant other whilst still feeling great to type on then you’ve found your mark. I just want to make my bed out of these and roll around on them.


Modelled closely after what looks like the wireless Mamba, the mouse in the Razer Turret For Xbox One shares some similarities. Including the latest 5G sensor from Razer with a 16,000 DPI for improved accuracy and reliability in game. The form factor of the mouse is actually rather nice as well, it has a rather well balanced weight distribution and is significantly lighter than my daily driver (that’s pretty easy, I use a Swiftpoint Z). But those flick shots are totally doable given enough mouse room. The mouse buttons are clicky and consistent while the scroll wheel is nice and tactile. 

The shape of the mouse is actually really comfortable, it definitely favours those of us with a palm grip as opposed to a claw. The addition of rubberized grips on either side is also a really nice touch. They are rather generous and forgiving. Oh yeah, this one lights up too! You get two RGB zones, the scroll wheel and the Razer symbol on the back of it.

I really can’t fault this one. I am a fan of feature rich mice, lots of buttons, vibration motors and gyro’s. But this one is just nice, functional and comfortable.


Key Features

So the mouse pad. It’s so good man, not gonna lie. May seem a little gimmicky at the start but the thing functions as expected and actually is really comfortable to use when on the couch. It’s such a simple solution over the last Turret that just folded in half and left the keyboard a bit wobbly if you didn’t need the mouse pad. Now it just slides away. It is also slightly magnetized as I had mentioned previously. It’s not enough to cause any resistance while moving horizontally but just enough to stop it from falling off. I don’t know what witchcraft has been used here but I like it.

As far as the actual battery life is concerned I’d put it somewhere in between “It’s Okay” and “Holy heck it’s a Nokia”. Judging by the weight of the Keyboard itself there’s definitely a pretty big battery in there. As for confirming the physical size that may be something I rip into investigate in our video review coming soon. As for now though the battery reportedly lasts 11 hours with the default lighting enabled and up to 43 hours with the lighting disabled. I guess that just goes to show how demanding RGB is… I don’t care. RGB is great.

As for the battery on the mouse though, I did find the reported battery life to not be as I had experienced. After leaving it on charge over night I found it only ended up lasting two days, with about 20 hours of use total. Perhaps that’s just me though as it was used during a full work day and some casual gaming when switching on the Xbox. 

It is weighted rather well though and sits in at modest 106g. It’s actually the exact same weight and shape as the Mamba… also the same sensor… Hmm… I think it’s basically just the Mamba, which is not a bad thing at all! I’ll admit, I do really like the form of this thing. I have a bit of a claw grip and the Turret mouse is perfectly sculpted for me. I do miss the extra fancies of the other mice I frequent, the MX Master and Swiftpoint Z still hold a special part in my heart. But the Razer Turret mouse does it’s job, does it well and allows me to swap DPI’s on the fly which is ideal.


Aside from the normal day to day functionality of a keyboard and mouse we should definitely talk more about crushing chumps in Fortnite on the Xbox. Holy shit it’s a game changer and I’m not just saying that. I think it’s kind of cheating in a way but damn do I feel like a damn god using this. I’ve never been good at Fortnite in particular but hey, when you’re winning, it’s pretty sweet. 

When looking at the potential for overhead strategy games as well you’ll be hard pressed to find a better and more elegant solution. 

The rubberised bottom was pulling double duty. Initially when used on the desk it allowed for a super sturdy base that eliminated any and all movement. When sitting on your lap it did well to cushion the otherwise unapologetically solid frame. 

I will reiterate that the decision to not feature any feet or sloped keys does impair its use on a desk. I would have even been okay if they were just those fold away feet from cheap ass keyboards. Just without them it does make it uncomfortable to use for long periods of time and kills any and all ergonomics.



Look, I really like this keyboard and I am typically a hard man to please. The key switches are brilliant, the build quality is for sure in the premium range and the feature set is commendable. I really like the addition this time round for a slide away mouse pad. It’s crazy how such a simple idea can have such a huge impact on how much more usable it is. I use this board now for both work and play and haven’t even missed my numpad!

The Razer Turret for Xbox One is definitely something to consider for messing with console gamers as well. The advantage is unreal, genuinely this will make you a better gamer. I was never that great in Fortnite whether on PC or console but having a keyboard when everyone else is using a gamepad makes me a God.

If you’re in the market for even just a high quality, mechanical, keyboard and mouse set this is your answer. The addition for Xbox One support is just a bonus in my eyes. Buy it.



  • Mildly lit RGB is brilliant for the darker couch atmosphere
  • Slide away magnetized mousepad is great
  • Satisfyingly loud and tactile keys
  • Comfortable rubberized bottom won't move
  • I'm actually good at Fortnite now


  • Can't subtly game when my wife is home
  • Mouse charging cable is a tad short

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