Release date announced for SCRAP RUSH!!

PQube and Acquire have revealed the release date of SCRAP RUSH!!  along with new screenshots. This aradey maze-brawler allows up to four players and will be released on June 20th on Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam in North America and Europe.

Launch blocks across the board to crush your robo-friends in three different PvP modes!

Find out what turns friendly neighbourhood robots evil in SCRAP RUSH!!’s Story Mode!

Play as a team and try to survive up to 99 waves in Scrush Mode!

The massive bosses in Challenge Mode turn SCRAP RUSH!!’s gameplay on its head!

SCRAP RUSH!! puts players in an arena filled with metal blocks. You will collect scrap to turn into blocks to then launch at your opponents to crush them against the wall. Grab their scrap, and dodge the other players! With different game modes, the winner would either be the last robot standing or have the most scrap.

If you want more details take a look at the official homepage

Check out the trailer below!

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