Rick and Morty take over Merge Dragons

Zynga Inc. have announced an in-game license deal with Adult Swim to bring Rick and Morty to Merge Dragons! Rick and Morty will appear in a special live event starting from November 22nd.

In the game, Rick and Morty are playing Merge Dragons! and hack their way into the game in order to retrieve the Stone of Reckoning which will open portals to forbidden worlds. This causes them to crash-land in Dragonia (the world of Merge Dragons!); be prepared for super-scientific mayhem to ensue!

Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, said “We love-a-wubba-dub-dub the idea of Rick and Morty joining us in Dragonia given their packed, intergalactic schedule. As superfans of the show, we‘re honored to have them interact with our players in a way that both fans of the show, and Merge Dragons!, will enjoy. Who doesn’t want to see Dragon Rick evolve?!”

Merge Dragons! is available free to download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play.