Riddled Corpses EX Review – Explody Zombie Fun Time

This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch but is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Check out the older review of the game here.

Riddled Corpses EX is a twin stick shooter with a chip tune soundtrack that also has a beautiful 8/16 bit pixel art graphical style. You might think that title sounds familiar as we have reviewed this game before. This however isn’t a review of the game itself and more a review of how the game works on the Nintendo Switch.

First of all when loading the game up, you’re hit with the menus. Everything in Riddled Corpses EX is pixel art from the menus to the text. This is nice because I adore pixel art and also a bit of a pain because..well have you ever tried reading pixel art text on a small handheld?  It’s annoying. One thing I’m fond of however is in the options menu you can change the filter on the game and make it look like it’s running on an old CR TV and you can also change the music from its newer more fluid tunes to the traditional 8-bit chiptunes of old.

Getting into the actual gameplay on the Switch: It runs much the same as it does with its other incarnations: with a rolling environment with LOTS of zombies to kill. The game hasn’t been changed so it’s still as grindy as ever with its still arduous focus on character levelling and mission progression via gold collection. The one thing I will say though is that as mentioned in my colleague’s review, to actually progress you need to spend gold and to level your characters you must also spend gold. This can lead to you having to do some really tedious grinding in stages you already did to collect gold for the next one.

The size of the Switch does play in to it a bit as it being a top down stick shooter the sprites are quite small. I’d be lying if I said that the pixel art wasn’t over the top in some aspects. With environments it’s quite subtle but with characters you can often have trouble actually discerning what your character looks like in the mad haze of pixels. Just because it’s a pixel art game doesn’t mean it has to be drowning in 8-bit graphics.

The level design is as confusing as my colleague stated with you often moving diagonally and in strange patterns forced by the games constantly rolling backdrop. Fighting enemies can become a task when the world is forcing you to move head first into them at Mach 10.

Riddled Corpses 4

To conclude I would say not much has changed in the Switch port of Riddled Corpses to warrant a better score. The game is just as permanently scarring with grinding even Tony Hawk would be proud of, and with level design almost as confusing as nuclear physics. I’m going to have to agree with my colleague’s analysis and say that yes, while the game is built on a good premise with a good soundtrack and good foundations, it doesn’t execute it well. You honestly end up more confused and squinting at the screen than you do enjoying yourself.

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