Rocket League is Coming to the Switch!

The hit game Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch! For someone who both loves Rocket League, and is rapidly running low on Switch games this is perfect. The game consists of two teams of between 3 and 5 going at it in a football (soccer) match. Basically you win by getting the ball in the goal. There is also a super cool basketball mode, based more on your in-air control than ground control.

An example of the awesome cars available in Rocket League.

It comes with all the stuff from the PC and console versions but comes with a little extra stuff. For the switch there will be exclusive Battle-Cars and customisation options. These do not really affect gameplay, while different cars weigh more and affect how you will play the game, they don’t give you a foot up. This is part of the reason I love Rocket League, it is entirely based on skill, and the different vehicles add variation and opportunities to learn. Rocket League also has a bunch of cool stuff in it for customization purposes. Including Fast and the Furious style vehicles, allowing you to be one step closer to Vin Diesel.

Rocket League will be available via the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD or the regional equivalent on November 14th. So mark your calendars and prepare to play no other games except maybe Mario on the Switch.

Nintendo have released a cool video that talks to the developers and gives a look at the Rocket League office. It is really cool because it shows the love behind the game, something that can be a little lacking in today’s game market.

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