This title is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and was reviewed as such.

Run the Fan is a puzzle game where you are tasked in ever increasingly more challenging levels to get an electric current to the fan. I either love or hate puzzle games, and this is determined by whether I’m any good at them. Luckily for me, Run the Fan isn’t a complicated puzzle game -lol-. Check out my review below to see how it faired.


The purpose of Run the Fan is very straight forward as I mentioned in the intro. The current travels on a predetermined path through a circuit. However, there are breaks in the circuit which is stopping the current from reaching its end goal. This is where you come in! You play as a metal ball which you must move into these empty spaces to carry the current through the circuit. Sounds straight forward right? Well, you don’t actually control the metal ball as such. Instead by using the joystick (or the motion feature) this tilts the screen, and you have to guide the ball this way.

Still sounds pretty easy! Although, the current starts moving automatically, and you have to direct the ball to the correct gap in time and have it stay there (you can hold ZL and ZR at this point) till the current reaches it to actually succeed.  As the levels progress there are alternate routes, with some that will just lead to failure… It’s hard to get time to map out the correct route on the very first go for some of the harder levels, And to me this is one of the games faults; It’s more trial and error than anything else and you can just fail till you eventually pick the right route. Later levels also introduce two currents to guide to adding extra chaos to your gameplay.



Run the Fan has a simple background sound which doesn’t change for any of the levels, so it gets a bit repetitive. It’s easy enough to listen to your own music through a different platform while playing though. In terms of graphics, it’s quite clear that it looks like a circuit. You definitely need it to be crisp looking as you need to be able to scan the circuit properly at the beginning of each level to plan out your route.


Run the Fan is a basic puzzle game which does get harder as the levels increase, but it’s not a skill-based game really. Working out the route is more trial and error than actual planning as the game doesn’t give you enough time for this. It’s not a bad way to kill a bit of time or as a chill out game where you play just a level or two. You’re unlikely to get hooked though.



  • Time Filler
  • Simple & intuitive to play
  • Occasional curve balls


  • Trial and Error
  • Boring music
  • Repetitive

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