Save Me Mr Tako to release October 30th on Switch and PC

The release date for the new Retro-inspired platformer Save Me Mr Tako has been released, wrapping its tentacles around the 30th of October on both Switch and PC.

The game takes place in a world embroiled in a war between humans and octopi. You play as Mr Tako, a little octopus who rescues a woman from drowning. He is then granted the ability to swim on land by a fairy that sees this good deed and he goes on to resolve the conflict between the octopi and humans.

Mr Tako gains his abilities through hats, of which there are 50, and these abilities will help him solve puzzles, fight bosses and navigate 16 mysterious dungeons across 6 connected worlds. The game uses bitmapped graphics, selectable colour palettes and chiptune music to give off a retro throwbkac vibe.

Check out the trailer below:

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