SEGA® Mega Drive Classics is coming to PS4 and Xbox One May 29

Literally the best news ever. Some of the greatest games from the SEGA® Mega Drive  are coming to current gen consoles. This is better than anything ever. This could stop all wars and problems.

This is by far the greatest advertisement I have ever seen: “SEGA® Europe Ltd. has an Altered Beast™ of an announcement certain to create an Alien Storm™ amongst the Shining Force™ of retro SEGA fans out there, as SEGA® Mega Drive Classics™ is set to release for PlayStation® 4 and Xbox® One on 29th May, 2018.”

Over 50 classic games are coming in SEGA® Mega Drive Classics as well as whole raft of new features; online multiplayer, mirror modes, rewinds and save states. This is literally the best thing to ever happen to Sega games ever.

You must watch the trailer:

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