This title was reviewed on Android, but is also available on iOS.

I think it’s a running gag at this point that I get tasked with tackling KEMCO’s RPG ventures, with this being the fifth KEMCO published RPG I have reviewed, and the fourth by developers Exe-Create. I have liked the last three Exe-Create RPGs, so my hopes for this title were high. Does it live up to my expectations and stand amongst the past Exe-Create titles? Let’s find out.


While the last three Exe-Create RPGs were completely 2D, they had slowly implemented some 3D elements, with Revenant Dogma having 3D combat. Now, Exe-Create have gone full 3D, from combat to overworld exploration, and the results are… not good. The 3D models are poor, even for mobile, and in the overworld you can actually see where a texture begins and ends, as they’re copied poorly and look as though they’re on a grid. On the plus side, the character portraits during conversations are still 2D, and are well done as usual. Plus, the 3D style means that the game no longer has that stock RPG feel that the past three titles have had, so there’s that.

While the move to 3D means that the game no longer has the RPG Maker feel, the graphics now feel downgraded thanks to poor modelling and textures even for mobile.


As with all Exe-Create RPGs, the story is a little out there. Basically, there’s a Sephirothic tree, aka the World Tree that births beings as its fruit. However, some ‘fruit’ has murk on it, which Fairies have to clean for them to be birthed pure. If the murk isn’t clean, it can kill or turn people into monsters. The game focuses on your player, whose sister is currently critically ill because of said murk, and you go on a journey to save her. It’s a basic story, but it does the job. The thing bringing the story down however is the characters, with a lot of the side characters being downright unlikeable. Clarice for instance is very nasty to the other characters, and Izzy is incredibly annoying, ending every line of dialogue with ‘Bro’, and no, being self-aware about it doesn’t make it funny.

The story is definitely serviceable, but unlikeable characters bring it down a notch.


This game is like any of the other KEMCO RPGs I’ve reviewed. You explore an open world, completing quests and battling various monsters in turn-based battles. That’s it really, like the past RPGs I’ve reviewed it does little to shake up the formula, although like Exe-Create’s past efforts there are a few neat additions that stop it from being too generic. There are a few additions in terms of overworld exploration that are decent, such as the fact that characters have different uses in the overworld. Harold for example, can see enemies from further away than say Izzy, meaning having him as your main character during exploration is paramount if you want to dodge enemies. There’s also a garden which allows you to grow useful herbs for things like healing, and it’s a nice touch. The grid system from Asdivine Hearts also returns, allowing you to change formations in battle for different effects. Another minor but ultimately pointless addition is also the ability to jump, however all it’s used for is to reach coins that are a bit high. It would save effort and screen real-estate just to put the coin on the ground and remove the jump button altogether, but it’s something. All these minor mechanics do prevent the game from becoming too stale, but it still is run of the mill for the most part.

While the game is your basic RPG fare, there’s minor mechanics like the Garden that do add some variety.


As with any KEMCO RPG, the audio is serviceable at best. There’s no voice acting to speak of, but the music is decent, fitting into the respective areas and scenarios well, and sound effects are generic but passable. Considering this is on mobile, I can see why audio wasn’t a main focus, as you’ll probably have this on mute on the train or something anyway.

Final Verdict:

Out of the four Exe-Create RPGs, this one is the black sheep. While it doesn’t have the stock RPG maker feel of the other three, its graphics are way worse thanks to poor 3D models and textures and the audio also isn’t anything to write home about. The gameplay does little to stand out, and ends up feeling run of the mill in the process, although mechanics like the Garden do add some new things to enjoy, so it isn’t complete stale. The story is also decent but sadly is knocked down a peg by some unlikeable characters.



  • Doesn’t have that stock RPG Maker feel
  • Decent story
  • Some good mechanics add variety


  • Poor 3D graphics
  • Unlikeable characters
  • Gets dangerously close to being stale
  • Mediocre audio

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