Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI’s New DLC Rise and Fall Has Been Announced.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a critically acclaimed and award-winning strategy title, which gained many positive reviews. Though it got many positive reviews, no game is perfect and with Its newest expansion, Rise and Fall, Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI hopes to improve the already satisfying experience. Coming to Windows PC on February 8th, 2018.

Rise and Fall will bring new choices, strategies, and most of all challenges for the player. Making sure that only the greatest civilizations Rise and the weak fall. With brand new Great Ages, a new city loyalty system, and Governors, while also expanding the existing Diplomacy and Government systems. Thats not all that will be brought into the game, nine new leaders and eight new civilisations, a variety of new units, districts, wonders, buildings and more will be mixing the game up.

Key Features of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

  • Great Ages: A society is like an ocean, it ebbs and flows. When your society reaches Historic Moments it will either ebb or flow as you can experience Dark Ages or Golden Ages. Both providing Challenges and bonuses based on your in-game actions. If you rise Triumphantly from a Dark Age, your next Golden Age will be even stronger, coming in the form of a Heroic Age.
  • Loyalty: each and every city now has loyalty to your leadership. If it dips too low, you could face consequences of low yields, revolts and even ultimately the lose of your city to another civilization or its own independence. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use loyalty to your advantage, if you inspire Loyalty among cities throughout the map you have the potential to further expand your borders.
  • Governors: Cities now have an added level of customisation with the implementation of governors. Governors can be recruited and appointed into cities, from there you can use there unique specialization bonuses and promotion trees to customise cities how you wish.
  • Enhanced Alliances: Alliances have been improve due to the implication of the ability to form different types of alliances which build bonuses over time.
  • Emergencies: With the implementation of emergencies, if a civilization grows too powerful, other civilizations can join a pact to battle against the threat. At the end of the emergency civilizations can either earn rewards, or penalties as an incentive.
  • Timeline: Now look back over your civilizations history at any time with the new timeline feature. This feature allows you to visualise your journey through the historic moments you have encountered on the road to victory.
  • New Leaders and Civilizations: Nine leaders and eight new Civilizations have been introduced to the game. Each one brings with them new unique bonuses  and gameplay to add new mechanics to the game. Not to mention the addition of the eight unique units, two unique buildings, four unique improvements, and two unique districts.
  • New Global Content: Eight new world wonders, seven natural wonders, four new units, two new tile improvements, two new districts, fourteen new buildings, and three new resources have been added.
  • Gameplay System Improvements: Lastly the Government system has been expanded and enhanced with new Policies and existing systems have had additional improvements made to them.


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