Do you feel like your life is going completely to plan and like nothing can rock you at this moment in time? Yeah, me neither. But if you are in a position where you’re in need of a reality check, SK8 from Ukranian game developer Hcor3 will gladly bring you back to earth.

It’s simple; get your low poly skater dude of choice from the start to the checkered square to finish the level. Easy right? Following in the trend of ridiculously difficult 2D platformer games giving me trust issues such as Getting Over It, nothing is as easy as face value would suggest.

May god have mercy on my soul.

As with any PC game review the typical FPS report: Yeah good, its low poly what do you want me to say? Capped at 60, and no noticeable dips. Another spud friendly game to add to your aging laptop that you convinced your Mum and Dad you needed for studies in high school.

Character customisation is fantastic, there are so many ways to personalise your sacrificial alter ego in preparation for their inevitable decapitation. 25+ different heads and 30+ different torsos with a multitude of skin colour options to boot.

It begins…

I loved the 8-bit beats that play as you take on ever increasingly difficult levels, if I’m being honest I think the tutorial alone took me a solid 20 minutes to master; I am not good at this game. In what seems like an act of mercy, each death only sends you back to the previous level and not to the start of the game. You can also collect coins which will provide an additional life and prevent you from having to replay the last punishing level again.

The frustration felt after finally nailing a particularly difficult level only to fail in the first jump in the next is like nothing else. I’d love to see NZ’s own controller extraordinaire Twitch streamer, Rudeism, take this on with a pile of bricks because I feel like running into a brick wall repeatedly would’ve gotten me farther.

5 coins = 1 life, seems fair.

Giving props where props are due, this game is really well made. For something that seems to be the first release, from a new developer, SK8 really exceeded my expectations. With 2017 being the year of buggy releases, incomplete games and alphas being awarded best multiplayer, SK8 is a brilliant example of doing something simple right.

There are a couple of things I’d love to see worked on with this release. For one, I’d love an option to run in windowed mode and an unlocked cursor. Being able to watch Netflix or the like while playing would be nice, and it became oh so tedious capturing stills for this review without my trusty snipping tool. Secondly, the addition of a leaderboard to feed into my competitive nature would be brilliant.

Not too shabby for a filthy casual huh?

All in all, this is a really well-crafted PhysX platformer, for its price of $3.69NZD it’s definitely worth a go. I’m doubtful I’ll ever see the full 100 levels with my scrubby 2D poly skating skills but it will definitely be a great procrastination tool.



  • Fun and replayable
  • Insanely Challenging
  • Resource conservative
  • Great soundtrack and effects
  • Well-made and stable release


  • Fullscreen and cursor locked
  • I'm going to end up breaking something

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