I was first introduced to Sniper 3D Rust in the form of a press release, and I was hopeful for the game. I love mobile games – being able to play on my phone while practically anywhere is always handy. Zatun is an established mobile developer, with a pretty impressive resume. Unfortunately for them, Sniper 3D Rust does not do their established name any favours and I was left wanting a lot more.

The game is set across 3 “Chapters” with 6 standard levels and 1 survival level per each, which, in theory, sounds like a lot. There are multiple sniper rifles to purchase and customise, as well as your zombie survival weapon which is one of two heavy machine guns. There are medkits for when you get hurt, energy to play each level and a fairly sophisticated HUD to show everything that a wannabe sniper assassin needs. The game is free to play, but has the option to purchase additional weapons, energy, coins and upgrades through the inbuilt store.

Let’s get cracking with the positives first. The premise behind the game is awesome, combining multiple aspects of different Sharpshooter games into one amalgamated game is brilliant. Slow-mo bullet following, varying objectives, different weapons and environments all combine into something that should be a lot more fun than it is. Unfortunately for Sniper 3D Rust, the positives start and end in the planning stages.

Sniper 3D Rust suffers from a plethora of issues which, from an established developer, is disappointing to see, especially on a platform that struggles to be taken seriously. Visually, the game feels like it was built for my old IBM computer – this is most likely to target lower end phones as well as higher specc’d devices; but on my Galaxy S8+ it was abysmal. Controls are shocking as well, my partner commented “Why are you swiping so much to move?” and that is my biggest question. When playtesting and developing, how did controls get swept under the rug?

When playing a free to play mobile game, you can expect to see some pretty high priced items – they have to make the $$$ somehow. And that’s absolutely fine! But, when you’re looking down the barrel of a Sniper rifle that costs $20+ in a game as poorly built as Sniper 3D Rust… Well, it feels like a money grab. More time should have been spent on development, and less on figuring out how much can we charge for a gun that you don’t want, or realistically need. My last gripe, is on the length of missions. On paper, three chapters and 6 missions per chapter sounds impressive! I mean, I mentioned it above. Weren’t you impressed? But when each mission takes around 1 or 2 minutes (I’m being generous here) your “impressive” game… Well, it falls short.

I’m a hopeful young fella, and I can see a light at the end of Zatun’s dev tunnel. Sniper 3D Rust can be fixed and I hope that it is. In its current stage, I would not recommend the game to anyone – even as a free to play. But if the team can come through with some important updates and fixes, Sniper 3D Rust might be worth a re-visit.  



  • Promising idea


  • Poor visuals
  • Insanely expensive store
  • Broken control system
  • Uncompromisingly short


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