Sniper Rust VR Receives Major Content Update and Launches for HTC Vive

Zatun has invited players to lock and load as it announces the release of its VR sharpshooting game Sniper Rust VR for the HTC Vive. Released the previous summer on Steam and the Oculus Store, a retooled version of Sniper Rust VR is now available containing new content, improved visuals, enhanced gameplay, and additional support for leading VR headsets.

For the uninitiated, Sniper Rust VR puts you directly behind the scope of a highly-skilled hired gun, employed by a covert agency to put a stop to an impending global uprising at the hands of an armed militia. Featuring a mix of real-world and conceptual weapons, and eighteen levels set in the backdrop of four photorealistic settings such as ports, forests, mountains, deserts, and even ancient temples. Sniper Rust VR is a realistic, first-person sniping experience. Players must keep their eyes on the prize and aim steady as they face off against cunning enemies.

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