This title was reviewed on PS4, but is also available on PC and Switch.

Song of Memories is a romantic adventure game developed and published by Future Tech Lab Co.,Ltd. This is one of those games where it’s kind of awkward to play in front of your flatmates, as it’s in true Japanese Anime style. You know what I mean if you are familiar with these! This game has some tricks up its sleeves though, keep reading to find out more.


You play as a young man in his senior year of Academy. The story starts off with your pervy friend being… well a perv. You are introduced to other characters from the game which include your friend group. This is where you start to get choices which will branch your story in different directions. The best way to describe this part of the game is more like a dating simulator. During this time your character hears and sees little snippets of news that are reporting a virus that is going around the world. This virus turns people violent and causes their appearance to change into an almost zombie-like state. When you reach halfway through the game, the gameplay changes quite dramatically and has a completely new pace. This is when the virus reaches your town.


My only experience that even comes close to this game is the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Although, Song of Memories is quite different. Most of the game is text based where you read through the story which is communicated via dialogue. Every now and again you will be asked to make a choice based on who you want to walk to school with or which location you want to go to which can change events within the game.

The game has frequent bits of comedy which add to the charm of the story. These are delivered in the dialogue where the characters often make fun of each other (especially the creepy friend), and where one of the characters is forbidden from cooking because her friends are certain she will manage to burn the house down.

There are small bits of combat in Song of Memories, which occur about halfway through the game when the virus hits your town.  However, there is an option to skip the combat if you would prefer to concentrate on the story aspect. When you get into combat you choose your element which is personified, and they will sing to defeat the enemy. To do this you must click the buttons at the right time to inflict maximum damage. So, I can’t say this game is really like anything I have ever played before!


The character models in Song of Memories look great, which is incredibly important for a visual novel as you spend 99% of the gameplay concentrating on the graphics.


Song of Memories has a story line that is certain to keep you interested. The combat is however a miss for me due to the lack of depth (is that really surprising if you can skip it?) and feels like it was tacked on as an afterthought. All the characters are unique, and their personalities are portrayed well. Graphically, the game is remarkable. The animations are well done and clean cut. Check out Song of Memories if you enjoy the storyline aspect of games and want to try something a bit different!



  • Story!
  • Animations
  • Unique


  • Combat seems unnecessary
  • A bit cringeworthy at times (the pervert)

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