Sony Announces New Handheld; the Sony SpinStation

Always ahead of the curve, Sony continues to innovate on what the gaming community loves, this time within the increasingly popular fidget spinner market. The Sony SpinStation is their latest handheld console since the PlayStation Vita came out five years ago, and is already on its way to becoming more successful.

“The Nintendo Switch being a hybrid console is a real threat to Sony, who has been lacking in the market for handheld games for some time now” said the guy we found browsing the preowned 3DS shelf at EB games. He was quickly interrupted by another man who was previously in the middle of trying to preorder the unnanounced Jak Remastered Collection, who proceeded to insist that the Vita is the most powerful handheld of all time, and that Uncharted: Golden Abyss was actually a good game.

The Sony SpinStation is set to retail at $249.99, will require a $149.99 Sony memory card, and will have as many good games on release as the Vita. 

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